Eye & Ear Health


Tinnitus is the name for ringing in the ears or hearing sounds in your head. It may be continuous or it may come and go. It is only heard by the sufferer and not by those around them. Usually it takes the form of a

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Eye Twitching

Eye twitching or tics are common and may affect us all at some time.  Generally the bottom eyelid contracts and this is felt as a spasm or involuntary movement by the sufferer, but is not often noticed by those around them. Usually only one eye

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Ear wax is made from some glands in the ear canal that form an oily substance that protect the ear drums and ear canals.  Everybody produces some ear wax, but some people may produce too much wax which then hardens and may cause some hearing

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Earache can be either a dull or burning pain in one or both ears and it may persist for several days or ease after a few minutes; all depending on the cause.  Whatever the reason for developing earache, it is important to seek prompt treatment

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