Feet Care


A verruca is another name for a plantar wart which is a wart that grows on the sole of your foot. It is a viral infection, similar to the virus that forms warts on other parts of the body. The verruca virus is usually caught

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Smelly Feet

We all know what smelly feet are like, either personally or from someone that we know after they have removed their shoes. The cause of this smell is from perspiration or sweat, but is appears to be much more offensive than sweat from other parts

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Nail Infections

Infections around the fingernails are called paronychia. They are usually caused by picking or biting at dry skin around the nails or by cutting or removing the cuticle from around the nail too enthusiastically. This allows infection to get into the skin around the bed

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Diabetic Foot Care

One of the problems that affect the quality of life for diabetics is problems with their feet. This happens because diabetes, if not well controlled or if under treated, can cause damage to the smaller blood vessels of the hands and feet. The resulting poor

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Cutting Your Toenails

Your fingernails and toenails grow at a constant rate, but older people find their nails, particularly their toenails, become ridged or damaged by infections. They also tend to thicken, making them harder to cut. The gymnastics involved in getting close enough to allow you to

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Athletes Foot

Is the skin between your toes peeling? Do your feet have a rather whiffy aroma? If so, you may well have athletes foot. Although the experts are divided as to whether athletes foot (Tinea pedis) is worse during the heat of summer – or the

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